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Since 1979, the Hindu Society of MinnesotaÕs only mandir, or temple, was located in a refurbished church in north Minneapolis, a location far too small to support the needs of the growing Hindu community. The story of the Maple Grove temple is a long…
The sanctuary was dim, the only light coming from tiny square windows scattered along the walls, the artificial light reserved for the gilded dome of the sanctuary painted with an image of Christ, and the candles held by hand.
Thematically Christian artwork that hangs in the University of Minnesota hospital
A picture of the sign outside the door to Rev. Dr. Verlyn Hemmen's office
A picture of the sign that welcomes visitors to the Abbott NW Hospital.
A picture of the West Building at the University of Minnesota Medical Center
A picture of the plaque that details the history of the statue within the Abbott hospital
A picture of the plaque that explains the symbolism behind the statue in the hospital.
A picture of the smaller version of the hospital statue.
A picture of the statue outside Abbott Northwestern Hospital
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